By Anonymous / Thursday 27 December 2012 02:09 / United States - Roswell
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By  _syrenn  |  7

where's her Christmas spirit!?

  gamercanadian  |  11

Ooooooh.....That's cold man

  UberNova  |  18

MAYBE..... She has already got a partner.... Being under mistletoe is not an excuse to kiss someone else, kissing under mistletoe is just a silly tradition.

By  KaeporaGaebora  |  4

Well screw her then. You'll find someone better. Happy holidays.

By  WeWalkIn1D  |  11

Pfft, you can't find someone better.

By  Phoenixke  |  16

Don't abuse mistletoe. It's not there to sneak in a kiss from a girl you otherwise would have no chance with... Be more original please. YDI

By  CCSA  |  12

Good news was she didn't slap you in the face (anyone saw that video?)

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

I think they mean that viral mistletoe prank video from the college kids. It's pretty stupid, I don't understand how it's considered a "prank" when all they do is ask people if they obey the mistletoe tradition, and then drop a mistletoe down.

By  PenguinBitch  |  43

She's just not into you OP. If you can't find another girl then HUMBUG to you.

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