By Anonymous - / Tuesday 3 January 2012 19:22 / United States
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By  CarmenCnh  |  22


  CarmenCnh  |  22

U guys hate 2 much :)

By  icannoni  |  0

She should have cussed you out

  arcanevandal  |  0

Basic reading comprehension skills would allow you to understand his comment. He is obviously pretending to be OP, which explains the "Hi, I'm OP." part. The "What a nice car you had until now" part is he saying that his boyfriend's mother had a nice car until he wrecked into it.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

55- *cheesy game show host voice* You win! Here are a list of your prizes to choose from: A) OP's rear bumper B) a pet zombie complete with rotting limbs C) the ever so intriguing ?mystery box What will it be?

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Well I didn't mean to it just came out that way I knew it looked familiar forgive me I'm sorry!! If it helps it's a kind of a compliment to your superior posts

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