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OP's mom- "you always got to be careful you never know when a car might come outta nowhere and get ya." *BAM* OP- "...thanks mom...".


Divide a whole into thirds thirds thirds. I'm a gay sea otter, I blow other dudes outta the water. :)


I wouldn't call this an FML. I'd call it a MyLifeIsAwesome. Few things beat being able to just smirk and feign indifference when someone proves their self wrong.


why is this an fml? this is grand. now you can hang this over her head forever! i would lovee for this to happen.

Nexts week's lesson: parking on a hill & forgetting to put the emergency brake on & watching your car roll down & collide with other cars in the process.

By  saIty

Mom: You know what I always wanted to tell you? A blind duck can drive better than you. *Light turns yellow* Mom: Shit! *Drives up to 100 mph* Fuck! I can't stop! *smashes car into car* OP: *troll face*

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