Today, I’m supervising an exam. I spot a girl going to the bathroom with a paper in her pocket. Stopping her just in time, I waved the paper about. It was a sanitary towel. FML

By Raspunzel - / Thursday 7 February 2013 00:37 / Cameroon
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By  almost_there44  |  26

You were only doing your job OP. But, if the "paper" was in her pocket and you were that certain that she was cheating, why not confront her about it first? Hopefully she's allowed to retake the exam. FHL!

  almost_there44  |  26

Wow!!! I totally read that wrong. That's what I get for staying awake this late. Disregard this comment.

By  EvilLittleGirl  |  24

Ok actually that's not the worst case scenario. imagine if it had been a pad or a tampon

By  clumbsydouche  |  11

I'm actually gonna try and use this idea to cheat, have some info written inside and pretend I have a "bathroom emergency!" brilliant

By  kadrynna  |  18

Next time don't search anyone or their property until you have talked to them about it or actually observed them violating school rules. Plus aren't students usually not permitted to exit, even for a bathroom break, during exams? Also you're a woman! You should have guessed the possibility of this happening! FHerLife

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