By rc2981 / Friday 13 June 2014 10:45 / Australia - Perth
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By  PhysicsOnCrack  |  6

So I'm not the only one...

  Vitotaylor36  |  13

Why did this get thumbed down so much?

  Demig0d6  |  14

That's pretty shitty


#47 how dose it not make sense?! are you a special kind of stupid or something??

  leary96  |  15

There's a button for that.

By  groovycrazyjoe  |  18

now you have a piece of Shit

  Clay_Pidgeon  |  11

Yes. Op could create a new revolutionary art movement. It will be called bowelnism, artists everywhere will now be searching for exotic species to relieve themselves on their artwork leavings others baffled in the aroma of deuces and questioning what the underlying artwork would be like.

  B1GK3N  |  8

#32, your name sounds awfully like the culprit's species and you seem to be very knowledgeable on the matter. Are you sure you weren't involved? :P

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