By bouda / Sunday 15 May 2011 18:19 / France
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  MagicGiraffe  |  12

Actually feeding bread to any bird will kill it.

  Furley  |  4

I've always thought about hoofing a pigeon as hard as I can... damn flying rats. That takes the cake, a generous offer ends in death by gluttony! This one made my day :)

  at0micmin3r  |  20

#1 Yeah, it is! Any idiot knows better than to feed BREAD to a BIRD! Pigeons and birds are supposed to eat BIRDSEED and NATURAL fruits and nuts. Not processed human crap.

  duhh_winning  |  0

you know this never actually happened. The OP for some sick disgusting reason decided to put a lame ass post about choking a pigeon to death.... cerial killer in process? i think so..

shanangins... im calling it

By  imOaks  |  3

Good job.

  bac4mor1  |  0

this would be a funny comment if you weren't so ugly

By  mozeltov  |  7

HEARTLESS BASTARD, they can feed themselves

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