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My mother has a body wash that looks exactly like lotion, so I can see where it might have been confusing. But, YDI for not even asking. Plus, you should have told people you have skin-rabies or something and then started growling at them. =)


I found it quite hilarious. :< Picture you standing there, glance over, and see a girl with bubbles coming from her skin. lol

You sort of deserved it, but that's really funny. Good thing you didn't grab some preparation H thinking it was toothpaste.

How did you not know that body wash was lotion? They can look the same all they want but they feel different. YDI


This is why you ALWAYS ask permission before using someone else's stuff... This may sound weird... but I'd totally do that on purpose, YLR!


Sorry, I meant something along the lines of Your Life Rocks, but failed miserably. And sorry, I didn't mean to reply to your post...

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