By Anonymous / Thursday 12 July 2012 06:40 / United States - Houston
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  MrBrightside21  |  20

I've been using that pick up line for years... as a joke of course. It's all fun and games until someone gets pepper sprayed, tazed, and ends up in the back of a cop car.

Where are people's sense of humor these days?

  free2speak  |  14

Can someone explain this to me? Yeah yeah, go all "omg! you don't know" or "what! what world are you living in?" on me but I tried google first. It didn't work. so here I am, tucking my shame and pride in a corner, and asking for someone to explain this to me in probably the most criticizing of places.

By  cH1N1chunga  |  5

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  IdontWanna69  |  8

Yeah umm I wasn't exactly thinking it would be pockets out with a penis sticking out in front. Glad you saw it coming though, have you shown people an elephant with white ears before hmm?

  Casteels  |  0

Are you stupid or were you just born daft?

  Aug1508  |  9

Your comment caught me off guard, it made me laugh so hard I'm getting the hiccups.


No shit Sherlock
It was an obvious joke and not a question!

  tandem123  |  6

I thought he had one of those pairs of glasses with the big nose and fuzzy eyebrows, and likes to ware it during intercourse. Then I figured it out, and am now slightly disappointed.


Do u like cat brains?

Then you whip out your balls...

By  xxmollyxx  |  25

Sex nose...

By  Fmlsea  |  26

now that you have seen it , you were obviously less then impressed with it, should of told him that lol.

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