By sammy18f - / Tuesday 24 February 2015 03:46 / United States - Brentwood
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By  doge71  |  8

well, did you like it?

  harmtouch16  |  11

Why so many down votes, it's a valid question! Come on guys. Yes it's horrifying but really, it's funny.

  cocainewhore  |  30

How is sexual harassment funny #80?

  metalhead4740  |  14

I get that the guy is creepy, but do you fully understand what you're asking the poor guy to be subjected to?

  metalhead4740  |  14

I never said he shouldn't be arrested or put on a list, but it speaks low of us when we resort to physical violence to punish people. Rehabilitation is the answer, not retaliation


Like with bullying, the only way you're going to stop a sex fiend is to put them in their place physically or verbally. More than likely physically. In the particular case of an exhibitionist, pointing and laughing works, too. Rehabilitation only works when they WANT to get better.

  sturschaedel  |  27

#77 for him to go to jail he needs to be arrested first, and OP doesn't know his name. Also, you don't just whip out you phone and call the police right in front of him. You don't know if he might get violent. First priority is to get out of this situation unharmed. But when you go to the police later and have nothing but a description of the guy, they don't have enough to go on to do something about him. That's why those guys usually get away with this crap.
Something similar happened to me when I was 16 and waiting at a bus stop. The police just said they can't do anything without a name.

  kendonmcb  |  12

A knee to the balls, with enough force and a precise hit can render a man sterile, or in the worst case even kill him. But anyway, the general opinion seems to be that physical assault is justified by someone touching his penis, so who am I trying to convince here...

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Suddenly you're a teacher in high school who's strict on cellphone policies,
"Put it away or else it gets taken away. And don't pull it out anymore. There's no need for that here."

Honestly there's a list of ways to react, but the best one ends in cops picking up a creep.

  Crisler121413  |  13

#17- Do you know what a fallacy is? Yes, you can pull out a cell phone. Yes, a teacher can tell a student to put it away. A penis, however, is not a cell phone and it is NOT appropriate to just whip it out any time you like. Here's a guide: Cell phone in public = fine. Cell phone in certain specific places/situations = inappropriate. Penis in certain specific places/situations = fine. Penis in public = inappropriate.

  gintwinsmoore  |  20

#6 I couldn't agree with u more. some folks are saying what they would've done but in reality, the safest thing to do in a situation like that is to run...and more than likely, the ones saying they'd have done harm to him are lying. You don't know what you'll do until you're smack dab in the middle of a situation.

  dcb132z  |  17

I know being on this web site make me fell like the world is full of people like him witch is not how it is but still

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