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Haha I'm not sure if this is what ya meant to do but did ya mean to replace "had a V8" with the "Checked your email"? If so, in that case I see what ya did there :D If not, I'll just--Stop talking -.-..


Heh, what a load of shit. Why the hell would you post either one of those comments anyway? Stop trolling, you god-damn noobcake.

By  zp5

they made the email so it would show up 8 hours after the test was going to be? cool.

that's what smartphones are for bud, u KNEW that u had a pending job application status...u ALWAYS remain on standby and check your contact methods to make sure u don't miss that opportunity...


Perhaps they can't afford a smart phone, I know I sure as hell can't. Those things are darned expensive especially if you are unemployed or in a low paying job. The OP was probably doing everything they could short of staring at the computer 24/7 just waiting to see if an e-mail shows up.


or perhaps he should read carefully and use his measly brain to deduce that the email arrived too late

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