By Joe Lizen / Tuesday 7 August 2012 01:40 / United States - New Lenox
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By  blue_seduction  |  6

Is it wrong to say I love your dad ?

By  elephantom12  |  9

Your mom needs to chill out. I don't smoke it but pot isn't Bad for you.

  Dixbfloppin  |  11

I have saved us all.

  muhrissaa  |  4

Right when I read this comment, I had a weird feeling there was gonna be a pot debate coming. Good call #5!


I see what you did there #1...

  zandalee  |  19

What the hell is chik fil a?

By  drunkandfml  |  11

Your dad is awesome

By  Dixbfloppin  |  11

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  Alphakhiash  |  13

No... his dad "is apparently a blackmailing 52-year-old stoner", not "is blackmailing a 52-year-old stoner".
Edit: apparently I'm not the first one to the punch, haha. Hi Alan!

  Dixbfloppin  |  11

HOLY SHIT, I am fucking stupid. I didn't read the a in between the "apparently" and the "blackmailing". Ignore my comment and leave my poor, brainless, sorry soul to die now.

  howrudoin  |  11

Thats why dixbfloppin is still in school (or so i hope) youngster still got room to grow lol

  trg568  |  7

his dad is 52 years old but yeah he should be old enough to go to the concert regardless

By  nvidioso  |  0

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By  commonlogicz42  |  6

Very interesting family. The kid doesn't smoke pot, but is unrightfully taking the fall for her blackmailing bud burning papa. And the mother is likely anti chron and completely unaware that her husband enjoys a good blaze. The father has no qualms about omitting certain vital information from his wife, and blackmailing his child. And the kids a moron for not taking this into account and pulling a full reversal on the papa.


With a name like b0ngs I'd say it's fair to assume your well versed in stoner lingo. Perhaps one day you'd like to swap terminology. And for all you "more righteous than thou" types, just because someone occasionally does a little self-cooking doesn't mean they're unintelligent.

By  carminecris89  |  13

Your dad sounds like a complete loser. You should tell your mom the truth. A concert is not worth being punished for something you didn't do. Your dad is a terrible person for doing this to you. If you let him successfully get away with this he will do it again.

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