By amberrenee91 / Tuesday 19 March 2013 03:29 / United States - Ellwood City
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Looking for a three way?

  OptimusVader  |  23

I always jokingly tell my boyfriend when someone flirts with me or something but I wouldn't call it bragging. It makes him feel good. But for OP, maybe her boyfriend doesn't compliment her anymore and she wanted to get a positive response from him.

  rangerPat  |  12

So 41, you're saying it is better for OP's self worth to go out, receive a wink from a stranger, and then come home to tell your boyfriend this news? I have come to understand that girls assume their boyfriends compliment them for two reasons: 1) because they "have to" or, 2) because they want to get lucky.
I'm on the boyfriend's side. If OP feels that much more elated by some stranger winking at her, maybe she should pursue other ventures rather than stay in this "miserable" relationship.

  OptimusVader  |  23

51, nowhere in my comment did I say it was better, I simply stated my opinion on how the situation may be behind closed doors that would elicit such a response from the OP. You're also partly wrong on why girls like compliments. Your two reasons are correct in some cases, but there are more reasons. Personally, I like compliments because they make me feel good. I absolutely do not EXPECT them from anyone, especially not my boyfriend. As for the post, I'm not really on anyone's side due to the fact that we do not know the entire story.

  wlddog  |  14

I do not recommend you go to your boyfriend every time someone winks at you. That sounds like you are trying to either make him jealous or drive him crazy.
That is a subject you tell your girl friends.
It is never good mix up the two. Not all topics are interchangeable.

  buckeyed  |  20

my boyfriend and i always talk about when others flirt with us, and even if we flirt back. it keeps us communicating and honest, and alleviates jealousy. and it should be positive for both cause yay youre either called cute by someone else, or (indirectly) that you have good taste!

  KingDead  |  18

Well from a women's perspective anyways. It wouldn't be a FML if she wasn't taken aback with her bfs comment. So she was clearly digging for some kind of attention, and not in the way she wanted, and if you must go digging or attention, you have insecurity issues because you should really not give a damn about that shit. And instead be grateful. That's all. That's how I look at it. I don't know for fact of course. No one can claim that. And I surely wasn't.

By  nikhilambhorkar  |  24

he must be bisexual then.

  DanielleinDC  |  31

While Kim is not an uncommon name for a dude, I'm pretty sure there aren't many guys named "Amber". And "Renee" is the female spelling while "Rene" is the male.

That said, maybe OP was fishing for compliments or thought it was sweet that someone besides her boyfriend thinks she's cute. That guy at the mall probably winks at everyone.

  OptimusVader  |  23

That's actually a very strong possibility. I have a friend that winked at me every single time he looked at me and when I asked why he did, he told me he had an uncontrollable eye twitch and that he winked at everyone. I felt like an ass, needless to say.

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