By okay / Wednesday 22 July 2015 04:58 / United States - Woodstock
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  negb  |  30

Apparently quite a few.
We had a man demand a refund for his sandwich cause apparently it had hair in it. He also apparently bought 3 but only brought 1 back so we only gave him the refund for the 1.
Later on, we realized he took it out of our cooler and then came to the till to complain so he never actually bought it (or the 2 others).

By  Baustigt  |  40

They should start doing strip searches of people who claim they never got stuff. I bet that'll catch a lot of the fraudsters. And as for those last few people desperate enough to hide a sandwich up their rectum, well, they earned that free footlong.

By  leogachi  |  15

Are there no security cameras? And what did your manager have to say about this?

  Mimi12589_fml  |  10

I don't know about your laws but in my country you don't have the right to use the cameras to prove your point, only the cops can. (I work in a clothes shop)
I don't think calling the cops for a sandwich is worth it...

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