By inapickle - / Wednesday 16 May 2012 08:20 / United States - Topsham
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  nelds  |  12

#43 - how dare you post under my comment!

  nelds  |  12

Haha I only said that because their comment had nothing to do with mine :p

By  Rocky007  |  15

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  DocBastard  |  38

It was a very good idea. You should write that dystopian novel, but make sure you do it under the pseudonym "Ayn Rand".

I just made that name up. Trust me. No, don't google it.

  ripresno  |  10

Or OP's boyfriend just really wants to be a father and was overcome by excitement when he saw the baby names on the computer screen. If so, he was too joyful to ask her why she was on that website and jumped to conclusions.

  Saryrr  |  3

So if you think your girlfriend is pregnant, you keep it a secret? I don't think that is a good idea personally.

  a1f0sff  |  23

She did try to tell him that what he thought was true wasn't, in fact, the truth; he wouldn't listen to her and instead, rushed to tell his parents. Like I said, telling RIGHT AWAY. Of course, if se was pregnant they should tell their parents.

  Callyn  |  44

Keeping it secret for ~3 months is a great idea, in case the pregnancy doesn't take. It's better than having to tell all of your friends and family about your miscarriage.

By  jbe_fml  |  0

Cool story bro

By  gage27  |  5

Name him/her Georgina!

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