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my dad does that in court, cept he uses his diabetes excuse and the fact that he's an amputee, he goes in a wheelchair and brings crutches along


old people don't suck.it's all the governments fault.they make old people do this.haven't you noticed almost everyone in the government is old!?

That doesn't even make sense. Since when is "making strange faces" a justification for hitting someone with a car? This is stupid.


not only that, but if she supposedly injured herself in the crash, why does she already have crutches?


She's obviously prepared for anything. In fact, she probably has a shotgun in her trunk in case she's encountered by wild bears.

How does you making strange faces make it ok for her to hit you with a car??? That's the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. And the cops blamed you!! This is rediculous...

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