FML: Uncensored

By LindseyS - / Tuesday 20 March 2012 02:00 / United States
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By  alex_vik  |  0

I remember approving this one just to say this.

NEVER try to be sexy when you're on your period. It just makes the guys want to throw up and the girls laugh.

  Jimmothy68  |  5

Ydi for coming to panama city. I know it's the spring break capital and shit but drive down the road 5 minutes and it turns into the ghetto. Trust me I live here.

By  alex_vik  |  0

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  purplepixie23  |  13

I hope you're only speaking for yourself, granted it's kinda gross when you can see blood, but if a woman being on her period makes another person want to throw up, that person is not a MAN. A MAN has more damn respect than that you douchebag.

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