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Hi guys, it's OP! Didn't expect this to get published. 1. I meant trousers, not underwear. In Ireland, pants almost never means underwear. (Ireland is very different to the UK in terms of grammar use, vocabulary etc.) For the record, I was wearing underwear too! 2. I'm very, very close to my boyfriend's family as we've been together for a long time, and it's not unusual for me to chill in his house while he's at work. I feel completely at home there, as I am expected to by his family. When this FML happened, I had been asleep after staying over, and lazily threw on my boyfriend's sweatpants to go downstairs. 3. I was actually trying (and failing) to multitask by holding almost-boiling tea, my laptop, blankets, and a pair of shoes. The positioning of the objects in my arms made it physically impossible for me to set it all on the floor and pick it back up, and BF's dad had already seen everything by the time I would've pulled my pants up. Everyone laughed about it after the initial embarrassment wore off, thankfully we all see the funny side!