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From Cali, in a relationship. 20years of age. Friendly Stoner ????
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secretsant4 tells us more.

secretsant4 11

OP here. Thanks everyone for absolutely 0 zero sympathetic comments. Yes it was a legitimate reaction. The dose I was prescribed was way too high for my weight and I had just come back from a 7 hour time change so I took my pill about 22 hours apart instead of 24 which meant there was extra in my system, giving me the bad side effects like nausea and dry heaving. Not sure how I was supposed to know that was gonna happen and not go out. And to everyone telling me to go to the doctor what exactly would the doctor have done to stop me dry heaving?? For anyone who cares I went back to the doctor and they prescribed me a much lower dose (the lowest they make) and now I don’t have any side effects.

cameron0779 tells us more.

Hey everyone, OP here. Thanks for all the support, doc says I'll be able to walk again in a few weeks. I was wearing socks, and my grandma's house has wooden stairs. My grandmother and I are very close, and she completely understood; she wasn't upset. And now, as for the TV. I'd say it WAS about 40 inches and rather new, so it wasn't too heavy. But I'll by buying another one. I'll also be fixing the banister. It was just a fluke accident, no hard feelings. And yes, my grandmother cared about my leg. Bye guys!