Today, I woke up and I'm still in the Marine Corps. FML

by carboat / 01/28/2009 at 4:24am / United States (California) / Work

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  • marines make me proud more than anything
    my fiance is a marine and it may be hard but
    grow some balls you signed the contract

    #19 - On 02/10/2009 at 6:28pm by 123mbox

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  • Oh geez, a bunch of civvies who have never entertained the thought of joining the military is trashing someone who had the stones to join up- and join the Corps, no less? Marines earn the title, therefore it's up to them how they feel about it; it's a title they will have their entire lives. I have to tell you, after having served in the Army 8 years myself and my husband currently serving in the Marines the last 15 years, I have so say I like the lifestyle, but I also don't have to deal with the BS my husband has to: He goes into work before most of you wusses even get home from the bars and has to unf*ck a mess of garbage that his bosses (officers, mostly captains and majors) create. If the guy who posted the comment deals with as much BS as I think he does, he has every right to say how he feels without having a bunch of non-rate mofo's trash talk him and tell him he "should be proud". Even if the poster is lower-eschelon, he still risks having to deal with some jackass-boss on a power trip. Civvies have no comprehension about the insane bureaucratic hoops military personnel have to jump through. If anyone should be ashamed, it should be idiots like Amanda and that cum-recepticle named Drake. Gee, you two asshats, how about you spend 6 months to a year in the desert with full battle gear on for 18 hours at a time WHILE getting shot at by a bunch of ragheads who, after 5 years, finally learned how to zero their weapons? As for the little pissant comment about Volunteer service: I'd hate to see some of the trash that would wash up if a draft was enforced. I can't wait to see the literary fallout from my post...Bring it.

    #26 - On 02/15/2009 at 11:56am by blueangels7901

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