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By  nonsensical  |  25

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By  914smv  |  18

I know how you feel!!!!!! Im the first comment YAY haha lets see how it goes for us if he wins!

  914smv  |  18

gosh ppl are mean haha

  Myo_fml  |  20

People aren't mean, they just expect for the first comment to have a deep argument or purpose, not unintelligent drivel about it being the first comment.

By  nonsensical  |  25

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We'd be even more screwed if Bernie or Hillary win. Like fuck, I like getting a almost full paycheck, with then I'd be lucky to get 10-20% of it

By  Waxwell  |  21

Look on the bright side, you could also be serving under Bernie!

  CaptDrew  |  12

Nothing about Bernie Sanders has a bright side.

By  friedpwnadge  |  25

So you're willing to be a mindless drone for one person but not another? You're supposed to abandon your ethics in the military and follow orders. Maybe a different career path is in order.


#8- People like you are disgusting. These people risk their life to defend ours... The military is about encouraging and enforcing ethics within people, not abandoning them. It may not always work out but most military people are true quality men and women. There is nothing more accurate than the saying if you don't stand behind our troops feel free to stand in front of them. Jerk

By  Lonewolf148  |  18

Too late now. Suck it up.

By  werepyre007  |  16

beats serving under Obama, Bernie, Hillary, or anyone else that hates our troops

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