Today, I was walking in the shoes I'm going to wear for a wedding and fell, spraining my ankle. I'm the Matron of Honor and I can barely walk. The wedding is in three days. FML

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  • Sprained mine playing volleyball a few weeks ago and so did a friend. Keep it up, elevated and ice it 20 minutes off and on for the two days before while taking ibuprofen every 6 hours to help too. If you got it checked out and they gave you an aircast, try and walk on it with that near the end of the second day and see if you can. The swelling should have gone down a lot by then and might be fine to walk on. Good luck op.

    #6 - On 04/21/2015 at 6:19pm by cutycat136

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  • Thanks for all the well wishes and advice! I got some X-rays done and thankfully nothing was fractured or broken (and the screws from a previous break did not get wrenched loose in the fall)!
    I've been lucky enough to be assigned to completing the tasks, favors and whatnot, where I can prop my foot up and keep ice on it. I've also purchased a nice pair of flats, because there is no way I'm falling and breaking myself day of the wedding. As for a response from the bride, she pretty much told me it took a lot longer to fall than she thought it would (I'm super, super clumsy), and to keep off my feet so I can still be in the wedding without hurting myself again.

    #46 - On 04/21/2015 at 11:38pm by MDoremis

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