By Noname - / Thursday 12 February 2009 06:00 / United States
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  llScarlFacell  |  0

No. It's American...

LOL now this should start a America vs World war.

  pooley  |  0

hahaha even though them yanks are pretty stupid, you gotta love them!

  hamburgerjung  |  18

Also even if you have straight A's in the US that doesn't say much, because your education system is shit... I'm average in Germany and had an average of 112% in my classes in the US on my exchange year.

By  letsbetrees  |  0

hahaha. i think we've all had moments like this.

  amerrah  |  4

I know I've had MANY of these moments.

By  Chickmechanic69  |  0

Lol I'm willing to be 100 bucks you have blonde hair..... It's ok everyone has their moments.


WTF, I'm blonde and I have a 5.0 grade average (and yes, I'm in high school and yes, I do have a life that would be the reason why I have a bf for over a year and lots of friends). Hair color does not mean ANYTHING. That's like saying people with glasses are really smart. While there are people who wear glasses that are smart, not all of them are.

  Iritis  |  0

#152, you're stupid, ever hear of a weighted class? The grade can be worth more than a 4.0. Maybe they haven't tought you this in your 4th grade class yet...


Don't grades go up to 4.0? Fail.

  Coeliacchic93  |  21

Jeez 134 I'm blonde and I'm not dumb but you don't hear me saying 'I'm so smart blah blah. I have this and that...'

OP as soon as I saw this I thought 'Blonde Moment!' :D

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