By Noname - / Thursday 12 February 2009 06:00 / United States
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  llScarlFacell  |  0

No. It's American...

LOL now this should start a America vs World war.

  pooley  |  0

hahaha even though them yanks are pretty stupid, you gotta love them!

  hamburgerjung  |  18

Also even if you have straight A's in the US that doesn't say much, because your education system is shit... I'm average in Germany and had an average of 112% in my classes in the US on my exchange year.

By  letsbetrees  |  0

hahaha. i think we've all had moments like this.

  amerrah  |  4

I know I've had MANY of these moments.

By  Chickmechanic69  |  0

Lol I'm willing to be 100 bucks you have blonde hair..... It's ok everyone has their moments.


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  Iritis  |  0

#152, you're stupid, ever hear of a weighted class? The grade can be worth more than a 4.0. Maybe they haven't tought you this in your 4th grade class yet...


Don't grades go up to 4.0? Fail.

  Coeliacchic93  |  21

Jeez 134 I'm blonde and I'm not dumb but you don't hear me saying 'I'm so smart blah blah. I have this and that...'

OP as soon as I saw this I thought 'Blonde Moment!' :D

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