By unicorn / Tuesday 13 September 2011 21:21 / United States
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  ChibiGirl5  |  0

Yea really everyone believes in unicorns and dragons xD

  13FTW  |  9

Why the "xD" face? I'm being completely and entirely serious in this matter, please refrain from making jokes or any sarcasm. It is slightly offensive.

  nonelikeworms  |  0

OP should have run after the kid trying to poke him.......or maybe that's me

  waggleninja  |  0

nice tata's

By  lilwaynerockz_fml  |  12

He wanted OP to look like a unicorn with the ice cream cone!


I was being sarcastic... Dumbass

  smappy  |  1

You were not being sarcastic; as the meaning of the word obviously fails you. You were being a moron as befits your cliche profile picture.

By  BB_ava  |  0

Ice cream cone on your head. You're the unicorn now ;) I guess that was his prank.

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