By Anonymous / Saturday 25 December 2010 06:20 / United States
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  roeallen  |  11

I guess you could say she had some really bad burritos.


  jayrub  |  0

that's just awesome.
FYL for being an innocent bystander.
YDI for going to a shitty church.
I thought Christians were supposed to love each other, forgive one another, and fucking be nice to one another. What a bunch of hypocritical idiots. They are the reason why this world is going to hell.

  mintcar  |  9

You do realize that we're not all the same correct?

I do agree that SOME could be quite judgmental assholes. I visited a church that wasn't my own 2 weeks ago and I was asked to go to the prayer room after the service. I left 30 minute later crying. They pretty much picked on my appearance and everything else they deemed as appropriate enough to insult. Told me that my make up was excessive and that I should get rid of my piercings and all my " non believer" friends.

  LolAtYourFail  |  12

ydi for going to church, god doesn't exist

  jayrub  |  0

Technically Christianity is a cult. I hate the way that these "HOLY" people claim to live by "God's Word" but they only live by bits and pieces which are convenient to them. I don't believe in "God" but I do believe that religion does teach good morals to children if you are at the right church.

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Please don't generalize a whole group of people because of some bad ones.
There are some bad hypocritical Christians but there are also many good ones.
Some churches are bad and unaccepting and some are very open.

  renaet  |  0

There's no proof that God doesn't exist? Maybe a thing called evolution? Maybe the fact that there's evil in the world? A truly just, all powerful, and all knowing God would demolish evil, no?


84- renaet
None of those are proof. They only raise doubt. You are a college student. Ask one of your professors, try the philosophy department.
You can neither prove the existence or the lack of a god.

  God1_fml  |  0

At #69-
Well, if you validated LolAtYourFail's existence by their comment, then validate mine through this.
But seriously, imagine my shock when I found out some asshole wannabe took the username "God." Seriously.

  thatgingerkid  |  0

YDI for going to fucking church, I'm tired of Christians tellinng me I should be Christian. most of them are just ethnocentric assholes.


Where is your proof evolution exsists?Also,if there is no evil ,you can't have a comparison, so there wouldn't be good.Also ,we have free will. That's also why there is evil.BTW, did you know that Charles Darwin denounced and renounced evolution ,and that his book was called "On the ORIGIN of Species",not "How Modern Species Change".

  sucksfoyou  |  0

stop bashing religion just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean that you need to criticize everyone who does. it's really annoying so please stop. thank you

  btown1616  |  0

the world isnt going to shit because of christians... in fact if it wernt for the christian church the world wouldnt be anywhere near the way it is now... the church has been responsible for many scientific breakthoughs that today might not seem significant, but at the time they were miraculous discoveries. so stop being ignorant and blaming christianity for the greediness, cruelty, and avarice, of the human nature

  deepunder  |  17

Completely agree with #1. Anyhow There is alot of god talk. To disclaim God, he lets evil in the world. To promote God, maybe fault lies at the bible writers for making God all powerful and good. Maybe he likes evil.

  deepunder  |  17

God talk should stop here as god is not related to fire or shit.
The devil would not have a fiery hell as fire is what promoted human ingenuity, for those that feel: God->Devil->fire


#84 maybe if you did your homework, where God gave people free-will which gives people the ability to do evil. now ive met some terrible christians, and some very nice atheists. nobody should shove their belief down anybodys throat, tell them what you believe supported by what you think is factual. after that have a nice healthy debate or go on your merry way.

  Kua_Mei  |  0

"Your shirt's mean."

The apostrophe omits " i" in "shirt is." I'm not saying 33 was entirely correct, but you make it sound like having an apostrophe-S at the end of a word only indicates possession.

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