By forever damaged / Monday 21 December 2015 04:24 / United States - Wallkill
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  FryingPanHero  |  11

They must live in Florida (if they're in the states).


You should have said "awwww does the little guy want a treat" while holding out a dog biscuit.

  countryb_cth  |  38

Pretty sure if you accidentally leave your dick hanging out all day they can still arrest you for indecent exposure. Really don't think the police would care if it was on purpose or accidental.

  NeatNit  |  32

Sorry everyone, I had to vote this up

By  MonstreBelle  |  28

I hope you reported it to the police, especially since you have evidence of it on security footage. Indecent exposure is a crime. There is no way having his dick completely hanging out through his zipper was an accident. I really hope there weren't any kids around.

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