By anonymous / Tuesday 17 July 2012 04:54 / Canada - Boucherville
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He wouldn't be at the homeless shelter if he was sexy. ( just assuming it was a male )


1- that comment you made had me laughing it's the fact that you tried to be funny but failed at it xD


Ohh then what was that comment all about are you just that stupid ??


OBVIOUSLY ! They weren't if its on FML -.-

  DocBastard  |  38

I was joking. Would you rather I say "Will you two shut the fuck up and stop the pointless arguing?"

I was just trying to be polite. That's the last time I try THAT.

  folfg0  |  12

Iliketomoveit42. Way to prove your smart.... Not. Did anyone else notice she's blonde? Blonde joke! Don't thumb down!

  lolfood  |  24

Firstly, it's "you're" not "your" stupid, which makes you look like the stupid one here.

Second, almost no one here appreciates blonde jokes.

Third, if you ask to not get thumbed down, people are going to thumb down your comment. Especially if it is stupid like that one.

By  dlcj22  |  11

What bum do u know is sexy wtf

  MissSmartenup  |  4

8- exactly what I was thinking, lol. I work in a jail and I would have run to the hospital for some tests, ew. These Hs (hepatitis, HIV) diseases are scary.

All knowing that anybody can have anything, and that it's not because they are homeless that there are sick, the % is quite hight on my personal experience!

  BunchieRules  |  31

Well... y'see, if you close your eyes while preparing to kiss someone, and they quickly replace themselves with someone else, you may experience a sensation similar to that of many romantic comedies, an accidental kiss from a stranger. Except it was you kissing them, which makes it even more awkward when you tell them it was an accident. But that's just one of the many theories, another involving a rubber chicken, which I will not explain in detail.

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