By laptopsRus - / Tuesday 19 May 2009 18:49 / United States
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YDI why would you sleep with your laptop what if you kicked it off or something? that is just dumb it's like you want it to break


first degree burn is like sunburn, and people could fall asleep while sunbathing... so it is possible, I guess.

I'm sorry, but so? Yeah, it's a burn. Big whoup - it'll heal over. Your laptop is fine. You didn't lose any property. No one found out.

It wouldn't burn you if your leg was covering the intake, it would just stop the air flow into the laptop from that air vent...

YDI. Dumb. Are you a leg model? No? You didn't lose your job, or work you've done on the computer? No? Then really who cares. Boo-hoo. Have a Hello Kitty band-aid, and a warm bottle of milk then.

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