By yolonono - / Thursday 4 December 2014 18:30 / United States - San Francisco
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  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

I hate to jump there based on being FML, but getting rid of pets or hurting them are classic abuse moves, designed to hurt people. The husband doesn't sound like a nice person to me.

  doctorhook86  |  24

#94: True story. We don't have enough info about him to definitively say he's controlling and abusive (rather than just an insensitive jerk), but I'd be very interested to know if he "allows" to have friends or leave the house without him.


Honestly, I would say that getting rid of a member of the family with no prior consultation to at least his wife DOES make him abusive (though obviously not physically; perhaps emotionally). That's not something a normal person would do; it shows he has no regard for their feelings and doesn't care what they think, he'll just do what he wants anyway.

By  comedybreak  |  20

That's messed up :/ but I'm sure he had a reason talk it out

  jthmtwin  |  16

It's like trying to get rid of another (very furry) kid. And pets mean a lot to younger kids growing up, a best friend who never disagrees or hates you.

  201chasew  |  22

Too late, he gave that away along with the pet.

By  GoldFishPony  |  21

I would say what you mean by got rid of effects how you should react, but completely FYL and F your sons life

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