By whatadisappointmnet - / Saturday 5 November 2011 18:58 / United States
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  xXPurpl3Xx  |  0

He is my fuckin' GOD!

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

I hope the boyfriend was joking. If not I would slap him and break up with him.

  FYLDipShit  |  4

Liyla you would break up with him for telling the truth? I find that kind of strange since girls always put on Facebook, twitter, etc. that they have always wanted a guy that's honest with them. Maybe you're different and don't like honest guys but most would rather have an honest boyfriend who they know they can trust.

  SimoneDymond  |  3

Haha I LOL'ED at 39's comment!! :)

By  hobo09  |  3


By  fentron  |  3

Unless it's yours, then you got a problem.

  zombicidal  |  11

what's wrong with innocent fantasies its not like he's cheating

By  EvilPotato  |  14

That's a good response that means he likes sex, nothing bad about that.

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