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Prove youtube wrong. Get the girlfriend without looking at the video. Dont waste your time bitching about it on FML. You know what? I really dont give a fuck. In my experience, most women are annoying as shit and not worth the effort. i much rather prefer xbox live to dating any girl lol :)


#10 is smart, you're all just jealous of his emotional independence! you've got the right idea dude, I completely agree, although I have the same thoughts about guys but you've got the concept right!


Well if that isn't denial in it's purest form, I don't know what is. I do like the fact that you said you don't want a girl, like you honestly think you have the choice. When something is out of reach, we learn to live without. It's kind if like evolution, but nerdier. I hope your penis enjoys being shoved into your xBox. It's clearly the only box you'll ever experience.

They recommend a lot of Cure songs for me. :) Anyways, if you're so concerned with this then try being a little more social. You're not going to find a girlfriend while viewing videos of that sort on YouTube. Eh... well you might. Just very unlikely.

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