By Anonymous - / Friday 29 April 2011 06:29 / United States
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  ilikeyouuu  |  0

meaning they set it up to look like someone was helping the lady, probably so nobody else would go after her purse for her. the two robbers probably met up later to split the profits.

By  corrinaswan  |  0

tht sucks but the guys like noo I was robbing it first but seriously cancel all ur credit cards hope there wasn't serious cash in there but u shouldnt be havin big bucks in ur bag unless u buy illegal things ;) jk

  josh5634  |  0

"That sucks. The guy was like, "Noo! That was mine first! Cancel all your credit cards. Hopefully there wasn't hard cold cash in there, unless you buy illegal things. Just kidding."

There you go guys :)

By  shakeTHEworld  |  12

FYL. But you shouldn't have been carrying anything worth stealing in the first place.

  chahat  |  0

wow . legit? I'd like to see u defend urself if that happens to u. like u don't carry around stuff that's worth stealing n if u don't ... it's cause u hav nothing that is worth stealing so FYL budd . -__-

  holymolybro  |  0

Exactly. I'm confused on why any male would try and steal a woman's purse. Do you need those tampons, pads, and make up? If you're looking for the credit card, they can cancel that.

By  callofduty4life  |  0

Maybe if you weren't such a helpless woman you could have gotten your purse back?

  KittyKatGirl  |  13

She might have, but if you see some man, who is less likely to get punched, or hit then you are, go after your purse for you, you tend to stop, which, n this case, is exactly why, was likely a friend of the original thief.

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