By sorrystupid / Tuesday 2 June 2015 07:42 / United States
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  irisr_fml  |  24

Or maybe Tom Hiddleston?

  CanadiAnM8  |  24

I'm Canadian... And to be completely 100% honest, I say sorry for EVERYTHING. No matter what, it's just something you learn in Canada. It's practically common courtesy to say sorry for something even if it's not your fault. If you're really rude, most people will think you're not from around here.

By  thatonetribute  |  31

At least you meant well!

By  cheesyfeet2001  |  31

I'm not sure wether OP is lucky or not on this occasion.

By  lantz4levi  |  19

Well definitely not American! USA USA !

  lantz4levi  |  19


By  Poohbear12345  |  4

Hey, mommy always said that manners will save your life!

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