By Mr.no contacts - / Sunday 31 March 2013 07:00 / New Zealand - Auckland
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By  gigi03  |  16

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  hooligyn123  |  16

Some people still only carry cell phones in case of emergency. Several people I know are not plugged into their phones and only have a few contacts listed and they have very active lives and simply still memorize peoples numbers, like we all had to before cell phones. Summary: number of contacts not equal to sum of social life.

  KeXu  |  23

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  JenkJenks  |  22

It's also nice to have work contacts, pizza delivery numbers, emergency contacts, cab number, adult guardian, local hot spots, real friends to hang out, fake friends to screen their call, vet (if applicable), etc.

  Sandman366  |  22

Yeah. I remember for quite some time I had like three contacts, and one was family. If I had the choice between a handful of friends that I know and know me well, or 10,000 'friends' I know nothing about, I could answer that in a heartbeat.

By  ksks1234  |  38

Don't feel too bad, I am sure a lot of people only truly have a few contacts. A lot of contacts on my phone are classmates, coworkers. I maybe talk to three people on my contact list. I am sure most people are the same.

  Stefanie88  |  38

I think this is true for everyone, you only talk to two or three people on your phone, the rest are jjust there cause you think you might need to contact them someday.

By  AlexaWuzHere  |  36

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By  SWC_Penguin  |  21

It's fine to not have a lot of friends, lots of people like small social circles. But this post makes me think you don't even like your family, which is kind of sad. Maybe you should try and spend some more time with them. (My apologies if they're assholes and you cut them off for legitimate reasons.)

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