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Just realized how great of a way this would be for bosses to tell their employees they're fired....with a fire extinguisher.


@13 so instead of "your fired" which takes a little over a second to say you suggest that a boss uses a fire extinguisher?? That's such a waste of time and money. Just saying.


Definitely should be fired! You're not supposed to use them on people. You're supposed to use a wool blanket on a person whose on fire.


Wow... Sounds like a sick place to work having an "office tough guy" that's seriously one of the most retarded things I've heard hahah

When he gets fired, use a fire extinguisher on his way out of the office. Then promptly get an AVO out on him. He'll definently want revenge.

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He was just practicing for if you ever were on fire. That's very considerate, you should be grateful :)


Oh shiiiiit! That one was really good. Go hump a pole? The clever comebacks people come up with these days.

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