By Scarred4Life / Sunday 1 January 2012 06:18 / United States
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By  Jkolbly  |  11

Was he in the living room or did you walk in a bedroom? And why were you staring, was it interesting?

  afulks78  |  11

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  kyarush  |  10

Well I kissed a beautiful girl(: looks like we both had a good time! Thumbs up if you had a good new year!

  gojira666  |  7

Jesus fuck.


Today, my husband asked me to buy a different brand of dish soap, as the one he was using wasn't working. After a quick look, I had to agree. The lemon cordial he had been using, while tasting nice, didn't really help clean the dishes. FML

By SpankyRaven / Tuesday 30 June 2015 17:29 / Australia - Raymond Terrace

Today, I bought a PS4 online for my boyfriend's birthday. I put it on our joint credit card through Paypal to keep it a surprise. The company decided to ruin that surprise when they called him to confirm the transaction. FML

By Sonata90 / Sunday 20 December 2015 06:36 / Canada - Lewisporte
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