By Heinz - / Wednesday 8 August 2012 04:19 / Canada - Mississauga
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By  crankawank  |  19

Just don't eat too much or you might get cancer!

  Hidur  |  10

What about actually eating cancer? Surely there is a double standard where eating cancer cancels out receiving cancer from it? On a separate note, try saying "cancer cancels cancer" five times fast

  monocyte  |  4

You never know these days. I read that it's actually good against cancer because of the lycopene which is an antioxidant made more bio-available by the cooking of tomatoes.

By  the_true_batman  |  10

Today, the highlight of my day was that the person who attacked me didn't use a name-brand hockey stick to do it with and it broke across my back, ending the attack prematurely.

  Hidur  |  10

Imagine if she had used all her hair. She would acquire so many burgers then she could open her own second hand mcburger shop and undercut McDonald's prices.

  EmberEyes  |  16

Due to the fact there is no profile comment system, I just have to say that I LOVE Castle and your profile pic has just made my day.

In other words it better have been Heinz. Other ketchup is nasty. (Yes I'm from Pittsburgh)

  gracehi  |  31

My sister is a ketchup addict. She once told me that Mcdonalds makes it's own brand of ketchup. She even showed me how Heinz and Mcdonalds ketchup are two different shades of red.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

Not everything I have is Great Value. My bathroom is full of Equate products. Although, there is one name-brand I buy a lot--Maruchan.

Seriously though, I don't compromise on TP, razors, or ranch dressing. Everything else I buy cheap. Why spend more if I don't have to?

  twisted_cherub  |  14

Don't know what Aldis is. When I had better options I shopped at H.E.B., but here it's Wal*Mart or Super Save. Super Save is more expensive and owned by a shady, sexually-harassing dirt-bag. I could drive 23 miles for an Albertson's, but it would still cost way more plus the gas.

By  krylonpony  |  3

Ah, memories. I remember I loved ketchup with my fries at any fast food place. My little self trying to reach for the ketchup packs on the supply table as I called out "Mom-my!, Mom-my! Need condom-mints!" and I'd always get those awkward stares from the teenage staff and customers.

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