By Anonymous - / Tuesday 10 September 2013 07:35 / United States - San Francisco
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I'd scream if that happened to me. My whole day would be udderly sour, and there's a 2% chance that I'd milk it for all it's worth. I hope you were able to moove your stuff to a working refrigerator. Sit on the cowch and hope tomorrow is a butter day. Good luck.


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groceries are expensive. I buy food just for myself and the total never seizes to amaze me. i guess if you want to live off of ramen noodles then thats a completely different story. have it 3x a day and youll spend no more than $5-$10 a week. you want vegetables, meats and dairy? itll add up

You could ask one of your neighbors to let you keep your groceries at their place until you get your refrigerator fixed! I'm sure they'll understand.

I wouldn't let it go to waste. Ask a friend or a neighbor if you can borrow some space in their refrigerator until you can buy or rent a replacement, and you'll agree to split the food with them.

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I've had this happen to me. Buy a lot of ice (5 or 6 of those party-sized bags) and pack them in among your food. It should keep things from spoiling until you can get someone in to fix it.

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