By Stacy - / Saturday 13 July 2013 04:22 / United States
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  fishstick557  |  14

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By  FindingYujin  |  26

  FindingYujin  |  26

Yeah, I didn't; look at post 11. "I read the fml wrong. I thought he used the car breaking down as an excuse to see OP and give her the flowers. Also, I couldn't reply to my original comment. sorry!"

By  barricadebabe  |  15

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  angeluv_2014  |  22

She was just venting!! I'm sure it was a total fucking let-down to have him show up like she told him and then it not be for her. Shit! Have some compassion asswhole! I'm sure she'll get over it, but it was an FML cause it was a suck moment. Obviously, you have to get over everything and move on- that's life. But, the whole point of FML is to document and vent the suck moments. Speaking of getting over stuff, why don't you get over YOURself??

  roadie42  |  21

Ahhh, so when I'm feeling heartbroken and distraught, the solution is just to "get fucking over it"?? No way, I never would have thought of that! It's so easy when you put it that way...wish I knew that trick earlier. Thanks 6, you're so clever!

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