By mary / Thursday 9 August 2012 18:10 / United Kingdom
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  JKr3slEMO  |  5

it's a bit agitating in her vag? well that's new

  JKr3slEMO  |  5

now I'm not one for blonde jokes but this is a blonde moment for me..considering the fact that I am naturally blonde:/

By  your_ma  |  27

Oh you poor thing that's so embarrassing!!

By  TBelle4Ever  |  15

Could have been worse... It could have been a condom that she handed him instead.

  TBelle4Ever  |  15

I was talking about OP

By  JKr3slEMO  |  5

You confused a tampax to a lighter? I wonder what other objects you confused for another...

By  PurpleLightsaber  |  4

Some guy? You didn't know him? If so, how did he know you had a lighter?

  gracehi  |  31

72, Maybe! I found this little guy in my cat's litter box when I was cleaning it. It makes you wonder though...What madness drove him in there???

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