By Sebastian - / Tuesday 17 March 2009 23:06 / United States
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By  annabananaxx  |  0

#2- that's really rude.
I loved singing, and I would've never known that I had a bad singing voice until my sister started picking on me for it.
It got so bad that I don't sing at all anymore. I mouth the lyrics.
It really crushed my self esteem =/
OP- I'm sorry, your chorus teacher was rude to single you out like that.

By  kellster  |  2

That was a totally mean thing to do! It sounds like you have problems with pitch. The good news is that most people aren't completely tone deaf. If you are, there's no hope, but otherwise, if you really like singing, you definitely find ways to improve your abilities to carry a tune, match pitch, etc. Taking voice lessons would help. The problem is just that if you can't hear that you're not singing the same notes as everyone else, then you really can't sing in a group (or even by yourself, honestly). It would be like trying to play a guitar with one string totally out of tune - it just doesn't work. Good luck, though. If you like music, I hope you find a way to participate in it that works out!

By  lollipopz8988  |  0

Ha your chorus teacher sounds like Simon Cowell.
But anyways, just because you didn't make chorus doesn't mean you can't still sing for your own enjoyment. If you like it you should definitely still do it. Don't ever give something up just because somebody else thinks you should. Practice makes perfect. =]

By  digitalangel  |  0

I was told as a small child that I didn't have any ability to sing (whereas my sister had a natural ability) and it ruined my self-esteem in music. I sang alone in the car and tried to match pitch as best I could, and now people tell me that I'm fairly decent (not great though). Don't let them get to you!

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