By Sebastian - / Tuesday 17 March 2009 23:06 / United States
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So, seeing from reading this story, your voice sucks-ass and the teacher singled you out just to make fun of you. Obviously you deserve this since you are trying out for chorus, so ya, its your fault, idiot.

#1 is a asshole. Ok, so your voice is bad but your teacher shouldn't have singled you out in such a humiliating way. It was a very witty line she used though. :D You can't be good at everything, just learn to accept it, and find something else you like and are good at.

WAAAHHHH I suck at singing. That's why I never try it in front of others. I have no pity for you. We all wish we could sing, but the sad sad fact is that a very small percentage of us can.

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