FML - The follow-up

Today, on my way to a concert, some guy told me I had cool sunglasses. I was about to thank him until he punched me in the face. I woke up with no sunglasses and no ticket. FML

incaseudidntkno Say more :
They were Oil Rig Oakleys and my face still hurts. My friend also got punched in the nose haha.
By incaseudidntkno / Sunday 18 September 2011 13:36 / United States
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130- you must just be a vagina cuz boxing is still dope. You're just mad cuz when you signed up for a gym they declined you cuz your fat and they don't have heavy overweight as a weight class. GSP is beast though.


It'll never feel right when a chick says 'nice penis' anymore. There will always be that fear of being knocked out by a punch to the face and me waking up penisless.

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