By Ulysse / Friday 7 November 2008 15:33 / United Kingdom
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By  StillWaving  |  0

You really need to work on commas. If you are still 18 you have bad grammar. +Jenn+

  Saturn_fml  |  23

from UK.. probably a foreigner :/

  sens3sfailing  |  24

What are you talking about? He has plenty of commas in their, if you are calling him put commas in the quotation marks, then you fail at life and are just looking for things to complain about

By  omfgitsvera  |  0

Haha, that sucks to be you. And to everyone who commented on his or her grammar, really? Are you that stupid that you can't understand it? I mean it's not fantastic but it is definitely understandable.

By  techlife  |  0

I don't understand what he is saying. She asked his age. He said 18. She said that she was his age 30 years ago. 30+18= 48. She's 31. I'm missing something.

By  davidcassoa  |  0

the average intelligence here is at a minimum. There's only 4 basic grammar errors. Most of you made at least two in your clever rebuttles. And by the way, this isn't an FML; it's simply a misunderstanding

  Loosicles  |  0

#13, not "there's." There are* I like it when people criticize people who criticize people for bad grammar for THEIR bad grammar while using bad grammar. Festival of lolz.

  meshee03  |  0

I agree with #13 and who cares about grammar anyway I don't see why people criticize so much I mean seriously chill out. sorry that nobody is as perfect as you are

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