By MakeMeASandwich - / Friday 10 June 2011 05:01 / United States
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By  yohooooooo  |  5

shouldn't she be making a sandwich even if she doesn't work at subway?

  Temi25  |  6


  sxe_beast  |  11

@1 - No. That's not part of the job.

  denbeste  |  3

rate #3 up! Praise aids!

  Daftostea  |  0

If a guy ever rudely asked me to 'make him a sammich' then told me to get back in the kitchen or something, I'd make it, put tons of hot sauce in it, then shove it in his face, and continue to pwn him at video games :P

  whybother8  |  0

what does being black or mexican have to so with it? thats racist and im offended.

  liono152  |  0

no. just women are naturally good at make sandwichs ...we don't want to take that away from them cuz men are naturally good at just bout everything else hahaha

  ImaWiseGuy  |  5

she's not house wife material if you have to tell her to get back to making sandwiches, especially after a reprimand....

  yougotapes  |  7

lol aww sorry Hun but a funny FML

By  luvppl  |  6

Subway, eat fresh!

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it's not a matter of respect when your job is literally to make sandwiches. it's just as if a school principle told a teacher 'now go teach' or if a kitchen worker at mcdonalds was told to 'go flip burgers' - I tell my coworkers at subway to go make sandwiches all the time

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