By Anonymous - / Saturday 7 April 2012 19:40 / United States
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Ikr it's just sad if u don't no what BLT means that's just sad

  DuffleBagHero  |  4

It's never been that serious.

  hellbilly205  |  17

He must hang out with with the girl who had a conversation with her parrot


Hows dat stupid or sad its kinda funny ..
I mean i have no idea.. But im guessing its bacon lettuce tomatoes??

  spekledworf  |  17

You remind me of my boyfriend, OP... He was outisde with the dogs so I asked him to wipe his shoes off incase he stepped in shit. Does he wipe them on the outdoor mat? Nope. He walks into the house and wipes them on the carpet -.- That's my FML

  MrBrightside21  |  20

Cool story bro. Tell it again.

  QueenQuay77  |  10

-51 what's an ANB?

  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

I don't know what you are all hating on, clearly Op knew what he was doing. He's a man, and what men eat is bacon strips and bacon strips... And bacon strips. And maybe an avocado? Haters!

  alinka_fml  |  0

not everyone knows what it stands for. there are people who barely eat this type of food or people that don't eat meat, they won't know what it stands for

  Mooish  |  18

Baloney, lime, taco of course!

  Synyster430  |  0

Bacon lemur titties

  nightheat  |  5

Big Lion Tits

  QueenQuay77  |  10

Bringing Life There

  Guren  |  0

Not only did you not ask somebody at the store..you didn't look it up on your SMART phone..There are so many reasons for me to be pissed for your wife

By  snowmount07  |  6

Bacon lettuce potato, duh, BLP

By  hqbrat  |  8


  HeartOfLead  |  24

BLT: Mix five pounds of bananas with a cup of lasagna and tacos and put the cuncoction into a flatbread that will need to be heated in a microwave for approximately fifteen half an hour... You're welcome, OP!

By  Ambi_Sinistrous  |  5

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