By Anonymous - / Friday 1 March 2013 07:18 / United States - American Canyon
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By  TheElBurrrito  |  21

what about the chips?


You know what else is awesome!?! Time travel!! Look at the time stamp on the comments. Reads 1/3/13 instead of 3/1/13!! Mind State: Officially Blown

  S182  |  15

I know what someone will do next time someone asks them for money.

By  abu4u  |  26

I'm sure you meant "Eating HER sandwich."

By  skellingtonfart  |  18

That's what you get for expecting a woman to make you a sandwich!

  Batterypost  |  23

You make it sound like he forced her to pack his lunch. I really hope that your comment is not serious.

  TheAbstract  |  14

Snooki is a rare breed of oompa loompa. Although "rare" isn't the correct word. She is more of a freak mutation that should never have been allowed to live or multiply. Now, she's famous. Go figure.

By  teamlightskin  |  14

Yu were eating her sandwhich!! I like the idea she had going though

By  Gaga_is_God6969  |  13

LMFAO. Was that all she packed?

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