By / Thursday 1 January 2009 03:45 / France
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What color eyes does the baby have? If they are not blue you sit are not the father!

  DenBriZel  |  31

Yeah, both my fiance and I have brown hair with blue eyes, and our daughter was born with red hair. I knew red hair was recessive from sophomore biology, but he skipped that class and for the longest time thought I cheated (and I can tell you for sure I didn't)
It took forever for him to kind of believe me, and didn't fully believe me until biology in college.
Also, both of us have strong Irish backgrounds, especially him who has red in his beard if he grows it out enough, so it's not that hard to imagine.

  Rebey  |  6

No. Red hair AND blond hair are recessive. That means two blonds can only have a blond.

  ExorcistParrot  |  11

There are multiple genes that control hair color. Blonde hair is he recessive trait on one of the genes, and red hair is recessive on another. But the only way that the red hair will show up is if the blonde trait would be shown, as that is the only color that is light enough for the red hair.

  scribz  |  0

omg same with me! =)

By  Finnboghi  |  0

It's Gingervitis!

Be careful, some say they have no souls. >.>


raywilliamjohnson ftw!!!!!

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yay for blink 182! I like your picture!! :D

By  juega12847  |  0

My dad has blondish-brown hair, mom has blonde hair, I have dark brown (almost black) hair, and my sister has blonde, kind of reddish, hair. I'm also the only one with brown eyes in my entire family (on my mom's side). But I look exactly like my dad in terms of facial bone structure. It depends on the family tree. Your child could look like any of your relatives, not just you (or your wife, for that matter).

Don't be such a douche.

By  ms_rara  |  0

My parents both have dark brown hair; my mom has hazel eyes, my dad blue. I have brown hair, dark brown eyes; my sister: blonde hair, light brown eyes; my brother: red hair, green eyes. Yet all three of us look like a blend of our parents/relatives on both sides of the family. Quite a few genes go into hair/eye color. It's a lot more complicated than simple Mendelian genetics.

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