By why god / Monday 25 November 2013 06:16 / United States - Huntington Park
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  mohamed_H  |  21

Meow ;) why didn't you join? I always join cat orgys, they are fun as hell!


I agree, but seriously, I would high-five your parents :)

  8313girl  |  28

That is the wildest story I've heard in a long time. OP has some middle aged kink freaks for parents. I also agree they should have hosted that buck wild orgy at a place that their kid would never see. Now I'm wondering why the gave him only $20 instead of $100 so he could do more stuff. Hell, I spent $20 while writing this comment.

By  CupcakeJuice  |  10

That sure took a swing on the awkward side. Anybody? No? Sorry I'll leave.

  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

You tried.
You failed.
An honorable action to remove yourself from the premises.
Come back when you'll feel better.


True OP. I wouldn't have even went back. I'd be glad to be kicked out, be at a friends or bfs and not even want to go home. You went to the movies by yourself? That sucks!

By  XSeraphinX  |  18

There is not enough brain bleach to erase that. FYL OP but at least they are not serial killers.

By  friedpwnadge  |  25

That took some balls for them to do that.

By  Paco_el_Taco  |  17

Swingers who are parents really should invest in a hotel room for these types of activities. Its cheaper than paying for psychological counseling for your kid for the next three years.

  ladyfingers  |  11

I agree. This kind of makes me think that this was the first "event" the parents had participated in.

  Zebediabolical  |  36

I'm pretty sure that if this were the first event they were involved in they wouldn't be hosting it. It might be the first one they've hosted however. Or just the first time OP went to a short movie.

By  chris4u2nv5  |  19

Ok, I'm speechless.

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