By disgusted - / Saturday 29 March 2014 21:31 / United Kingdom
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  babygurll19  |  10

Maybe these people weren't "mourning" people and it was too much in the "wake" of it all.

  lexiieeex3  |  32

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. Who in their right mind would say that aloud at a funeral... I'm sorry OP. I hope your in-laws are forgiving and don't hold this against you.

  nchic01  |  17

so confused...

  PresidentNorth  |  16

Well what if her dress was tacky..? Some people are just brutally honest. Its not like we have control of how people will act. We can only shun them or blast them out. OPs parents were very wrong for saying it, she let her thoughts become a reality. Tell me you haven't said something without thinking it came off as rude/mean/callous.

  PresidentNorth  |  16

Well obviously. But everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes shit just gets blurted out. I understand it wasn't nice in anyway but its just a way of life. To me it seems that the parents were either super judgemental or they could have had some type of conflicts going on between in-laws. It happens. Think of it as karma. What goes around comes back around. So they made that joke, their punishment was to be kicked out after starting a fight. In the end they still lost. And will forever be remembered as those assholes from OPs husbands moms funeral. And the entire FML community.

  Bigfabthetruth52  |  22

all you have to have is a simple comprehension of respect to understand that that statement as honest as it may have seemed in their head shouldnt have been uttered.especially in that setting

By  1uw  |  9

Well at least they're honest!

  zandalee  |  19

I fucking hate when people think that saying, "at least I'm being honest", is okay. It's a weak attempt at at insult.
I actually just want to bitch slap them!!!

  junkman6  |  22

Well if you're going to be that "honest" you better be expecting the ass whippings that come your way.

This may sound bad but I hope ops mom got her nose broken for being a bitch.

  Axel5238  |  29

Lots people can't differentiate the difference between telling the truth and being a dick/also when and where it isn't appropriate. The 2 often go hand in hand. Sorry for what happened OP hopefully they learned something from it, but this far along in their lives I doubt it.

By  ariiewilliams  |  17

Well that funeral took a turn for the way worse

  junkman6  |  22

Actually yes there are good funerals. When someone's lived a full and happy life you celebrate it.

We're all gonna end up dead, I've always been taught to celebrate someone's life if they die. Sure young people dying is different and harder to cope with. But like when my grandpa died he said to make sure his funeral was a party. "After you drop me 6 ft under get drunk and remember the good times."

Maybe a bit of a soap box rant.
TL;DR funerals can be fun it's all about how you look at it.

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