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  atomicJ  |  19

You just answered your own question. It's USA, they do whatever the fuck they want. They take hard earned money and give it to lazy people. Sorry that was irrelevant. 'EMERICA!!!

  SuperNova69  |  19

me to 94. states is fucked especially ther government. they don't give a fuck about anything or anyone just themselves and ther money. to bad money is a man made object that WE put a price too. Revolution.

  jess6blondie9  |  11

25 - I don't see in any way how my comment makes me "fugly," "a biaaaach" or a "slut." You're like 12 years old. Shut the hell up, you're just making yourself look stupid.


Basically called Jess a fugly slut and the like, despite being a 13 year old who looks like he was missing a chromosome or two. He also had a picture of him with his shirt up to show his "six pack"... Which frankly didn't exist...

  atomicJ  |  11

justalilrandom2 hahaha I like how you said he was missing a chromosome or two haha made me lol so hard juice came out through my nose when I was reading that XD

  klonopin_ftw  |  5

if you paid any attention, OP got a raise, then switched to salary from hourly. so technically, OP did get a raise. then pretty much demoted. so, dumbass, read in chronological order.

  bete_noire_fml  |  28

I was trying to help OP look on the bright side, by stating that atleast the company thought they could pay the OP more money than they currently are even though it is less...which still confuses the heck out of me right now -_-

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